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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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Childrens Copenhagen

Childrens Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very child friendly city. You have free places reserved on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants, and of course reductions at all museums, galleries and entertainments.

First Hotels have serveral hotels ideal for you travelling with children - for instance First Hotel G & Suites and First Hotel Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens, is a fairytale for children, offering both the fun of the fair, the peace and tranquillity of a park.

Copenhagen also has a state of the art Zoo, clean harbour baths with children pools and life-guards, the ancient Round Tower with a splendid view of the city and much more.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens

The fairy tale starts the moment you leave the outside world and enter Tivoli. The old amusement park has a way to mesmerize both children and grown-ups. We guarantee that you will enjoy yourselves and have the time of your lives.

Tivoli is many different things: Denmark's most popular tourist attraction, a cultural institution, a bearer of tradition, a national symbol and one of the most visited parks in Europe.

Tivoli has a tradition of renewal. Every year, there is some new addition to the attraction's portfolio- a new ride, a new restaurant, a new kind of entertainment - and the old must make room for the new.

But Tivoli is more than just amusements, restaurants and entertainment. Tivoli is also fairy lights, flowers and above all, romance.

Tivoli is at its most romantic when darkness falls, but no matter when you choose to visit Tivoli, it's like stepping into an enchanting universe.

The Zoo

The Zoo

There is nothing like a trip to the zoo! Copenhagen Zoo is located only a 15 minutes walk or five minutes by bus from many of our hotels in the center of Copenhagen.

During the last five years Copenhagen Zoo has undergone some fantastic changes. Thus the elephants have become brand new facilities and so have the girafs and many other animals.

Copenhagen Zoo is well-known for its childrens section where you and your family can spend many hours running against a rabbit, patting a goat or riding a pony.

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Experimentarium is an amazing and educational place for both children and mum and dad. Yes you actually learn something!

An average visit at Experimentarium takes about 4 hours - but you are more than welcome to stay longer.

All activities are free, once admission has been paid!



Dyrehavsbakken is the oldest amusement park in the world and the most entertaining in Denmark - with a tradition stretching back 425 years. Dyrehavsbakken is located in the most attractive countryside area near Copenhagen.

Right outside the gates stands Dyrehaven, one of the most delightful stretches of woods in Denmark, which with its wonderful natural treasures provides a beautiful backdrop that other amusement parks can only wish for. Dyrehaven is home to thousands of free-ranging red, fallow and Sika deer.

The park is packed with rides of all kinds - some fast and furious, turning the world upside-down, and others more sedate - ideal for our youngest visitors. You can test your skills in more than 33 different entertaining games and competitions. In Dyrehavsbakken's gaming halls, the reels spin merrily and cash prizes rain out of the numerous gaming machines.

Dyrehavsbakken has around 40 restaurants and bars and suits all tastes and any budget. Sit down and relax in an a la carte restaurant or simply grab a quick hamburger or hotdog - or perhaps a giant ice cream.

The bars are full of fun and many of them host live music throughout the season.

There is free entertainment every day at Bakken. For our youngest guests, Pjerrot the white clown performs three shows a day in front of his little house, while at the Open-air stage you can enjoy the antics of the four loveable Bakken animals.

Free entrance!

Water Fun

Water Fun

City Beach or Harbour Swimming?

The choice is yours - both are possible in Copenhagen. 
The water in the harbor is as clean as in the sea, so you can go bathing without worries!

Havnebadet at Islands Brygge in the center of Copenhagen consists of several wooden platforms that surround five basins. Two of the basins are for children, two are for regular swimming and one is for the playful, with two towers from which you can dive.

Three kilometers from the center of Copenhagen you find Amager Beach, the new city beach with enough space for all kinds of beach life - this is a perfect place to be with family and friends and relax with a book, sunbathe and swim.

The Round Tower

The Round Tower

One of the most popular structures in Denmark
The Round Tower was built by Christian IV between 1637 and 1642. It was the first part of the Trinitatis Complex, which combined church, library and observatory in a single building.

The Round Tower is a funny place for both children and adults and from the top you get a spectacular view of all the roof tops and spires of Copenhagen.

The Round Tower plays an important role in Danish History and has been involved in some of Copenhagen’s most spectacular, crazy and exiting historic events. 

Unique Architecture.
The Round Tower does not have an elevator, so visitors have to climb the winding, white-washed Spiral Walk, where kids often hide in the niches, only to jump out shouting “boo!” as adults approach.

The spiral walk is unique in European architecture. The 209 m long spiral ramp winds itself 7,5 times round the hollow core of the tower, forming the only connection between the individual parts of the building complex.