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Daytrips from Bergen

The fjord Sognefjorden in Bergen

Hardangerfjorden – Magnificent fjords

If you are travelling to Bergen then don't miss the chance to enjoy a daytrip to Hardangerfjorden. Hardanger is known for its towering mountains, stunning waterfalls and sprawling apple orchards, which cling to the mountainside along the fjord. Take a boat trip on the fjord and enjoy Hardanger at its best.

Hardangerfjorden is approximately 1.5 hours' drive from Bergen. And with its 179km in length there is much to explore on your trip along the fjord. There are several tour operators offering excursions from Bergen to Hardanger by tour boat. Here's an example: "Hardangerfjorden in a Nutshell". Please feel free to ask the hotel reception for further travel inspiration. Our staff can also help with reservations.

Sognefjord – The longest fjord in Norway

Discover Norway's longest, deepest and most famous fjord on a daytrip by tour boat from Bergen. Sognefjord stretches 205 km from Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen.

If you are planning to take a trip through Sognefjord then it's definitely worth stopping in Flåm and spending an hour on a train ride with the Flåmsbana Railway, which takes you through mountainscapes and scenic beauty – it's a tourist attraction in itself.

Here is an overview of various fjord excursions from Bergen!

Baroniet Rosendal – A romantic manor

Barely an hour's sailing from central Bergen you can experience pure romance and nostalgia at the Baroniet Rosendal, a manor located in idyllic surroundings in the typical Norwegian landscapes of Rosendal.

Here you can enjoy a guided tour and hear stories from when the manor was constructed in 1665 right up to modern times. The manor also features art exhibitions, a café and a superb estate garden. If you arrive between June and November, you can experience more than 2,000 varieties of roses in full bloom.

Read more about Baroniet Rosendal here!

Folgefonna – Glacier by the fjord

It only takes 2.5 hours to travel from Bergen to Norway's third-largest glacier, Folgefonna. The glacier is located just off the coast and is a so-called maritime glacier. Here you can go ice-walking, or skiing at Folgefonna Sommarskisenter.

There are daytrips to Folgefonna from Bergen by boat along Hardangerfjorden. Approaching the glacier from the sea offers the most spectacular views.

Read more about the daytrips at Folgefonni Breførarlag!

Norway in a Nutshell

"Norway in a Nutshell" is the most popular round-trip in Norway – and from Bergen you can reach the destinations along this route on daytrips. There are daily excursions all year round, which include scenic travels on the Bergen Railway and Flåmsbana Railway along the magnificent Sognefjord. Here you will discover picture-postcard landscapes and countryside idyll.

Read more about "Norway in a Nutshell" here!

Our hotel in Bergen, First Hotel Marin, is located right in the centre of the city and is the perfect base for travellers seeking to experience western Norway in all its glory. Although chances of experiencing the Northern Lights in Bergen are small there are plenty of reasons to explore the city and its scenic surroundings on daytrips, also on foot or by ski.

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Bergen country side

Hotel in Bergen

First Hotel Marin is is a perfect starting point when experiencing the countryside around Bergen.

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