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Trips with children in Bergen

Fløibanen with view over Bergen

The mountains of Bergen

One of the most unique things about Bergen is that the city is surrounded by seven beautiful mountains. Indeed, there is no shortage of inspiring options for trips into nature, even for visitors staying in central Bergen. There is the stepped footpath up Mount Stoltzen and the funicular to the tip of Mount Fløyen where there are a number of different experiences and hiking trips. Those who love outdoor adventure can enjoy a day's hiking in the scenic expanses between Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken.

If you visit Bergen in late May then you have the opportunity to head out on the popular 7-Mountain-Hike around Bergen. The approximately 35km trip offers a total ascent and descent of about 2,400 meters. Families with children can sign up for the more manageable 4-Mountain-Hike.

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The Ulriken funicular

The highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, Ulriken towers 643 meters above the sea. You can either climb the mountain along footpaths from the parking lot by Montana, or you can take the funicular.

Mount Ulriken offers views of Bergen, Askøy, Øygarden and the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer season you can also enjoy the views along with good food at the Sky:skraperen restaurant and bistro beautifully situated on the mountaintop. From central Bergen there are about 10 minutes by bus to the Ulriken cable car. You can either take the regular city bus in the direction of Haukeland Hospital, or, during the summer season, you can also hop on a tour bus that takes you directly to the cable car station.

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Fantoft Stave Church

Right next to the student compound in Fantoft you find a stave church, which was originally built in 1150. The wooden church was moved to Fantoft from Sogn in 1883 and was restored after a fire in 1992. The church is surrounded by lush parkland and is well worth a visit.

Take the urban rail to Fantoft, located about 18 minutes from downtown. You then take a 12-minute hill walk to Fantoft Stave Church. Note that the stave church is only open during the summer season.

Check the opening hours for Fantoft Stave Church here!


Gamlehaugen is often called Bergen's "castle", although it is more of a manor. It was constructed in 1900 and has been state property since 1925. Here you will find a public park, a museum and the region's royal residence. The museum tells the story of upper-class life in the 1900s, while the park offers swimming opportunities during the summer season.

The towering manor of Gamlehaugen can be seen from the road of Fjøsangerveien that leads to the airport from central Bergen. If you are staying in a hotel in Bergen centre, it will take an hour to reach Gamlehaugen on foot. If you travel by car there is a car park for visitors by the manor.

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These tours are just a small selection of the many opportunities for those staying at hotels in central Bergen. You can also enjoy a woodland hike around Siljustøl, the home of composer Harald Sæverud. Or if you prefer composer Ole Bull, you can visit his home, Lysøen, during summer months.

If you are looking for longer trips, then check out our suggestions for daytrips from Bergen.

Bathing at the Vannkanten waterpark

If you are travelling to Bergen with children who love a little splashing fun then head to the Vannkanten waterpark in Loddefjord. Here you can enjoy swimming in open-air and indoor pools and try Norway's longest water slide. You can also enjoy a game of curling at Iskanten, which is also located in the complex.

Vannkanten is located in the Vestkanten shopping centre, a 10-minute drive from central Bergen. There are also good bus connections to Vestkanten.

Read more about admission prices and opening hours at Vannkanten here!


View over Bergen

Fantoft stave church


A girl riding a water slide at Vannkanten

Hotel in Bergen

When staying at First Hotel Marin in Bergen, you have the perfect base for great walks suitable for both children and adults.

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