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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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First Hotel Atlantica's breakfast room is a cozy place in modern surroundings. Breakfast is served here every day. Wayne's coffee at our local serves also delightful coffee and snacks.

Wayne's coffee

Wayne's coffee

Wayne's coffee was opend in October 2015 at First Hotel Atlantica.

The café serves coffee in its own brand, pastries from its own bakery and high quality snacks and sandwiches.

Baccalao town

The Norwegian Baccalao town

If you are visiting Ålesund, You have to try the local Baccalao. Only a couple of minutes walk from First Hotel Atlantica, you find one of Europes  largest Baccalao Restaurants, XL Diner.

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