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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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Experience Kinsarvik

Experience Kinsarvik

Kinsarvik is an idyllic little town in the heart of Hardanger just 40 minutes' drive from Odda and one hour from Voss. The area is surrounded by a national park, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers.

Here are the most popular attractions in Hardanger:

Fruit blossoming in Hardanger

In the spring when the fruit trees blossom in Hardanger you can experience the magic of nature with the blue waters of the fjord, green mountainsides, snowy peaks and orchards.


You can go hiking to wonderful Trolltunga, a natural rock formation jutting out 700 meters above the lake of Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. The majestic viewpoint will take your breath away.

Ice-climbing trips

You can head out with experienced rangers on ice-climbing trips on frozen waterfalls and rivers. The trek takes you across blue ice and through deep rocky crevices.

Barony in Rosendal

You can also visit the Barony in Rosendal, which is a small fairytale manor with a beautiful and historic Renaissance garden and parkland overlooking the Hatteberg waterfall and Hardangerfjord.

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