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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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Standard Room Modern Design

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We have five different types of Standard rooms; Standard Single Without Window, Standard Double Without Window, Standard Single Modern Design, Standard Double Modern Design and Standard Grand Modern Design.

Standard Rooms Without Window

The Standard rooms - located in the basement without windows - all have a yacht inspired decor. The comfortable beds and the silence is the most popular among the guests.

Standard Rooms Modern Design

The Standard Rooms Modern Design vary in size and shape. They are located on the 6th floor and all have roof beams, carpeting and leather upholstered headboards. The decor is minimalistic.

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Superior Room

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We offer one type of Premium room; Premium Double Room. These rooms can be used as both single and double rooms.

Premium Double Room

Our 15-17m² Premium Rooms are furnished with 160 cm wide queen-size beds and work desks. The rooms offer views of either Birger Jarlsgatan or the courtyard.

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Queen Suite

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We offer two types of our classic Superior rooms; Superior Double and Superior Twin.

Superior Rooms

Our classic rooms feature Gustavian-inspired interiors in the best Swedish arts and crafts tradition with classical stucco, high ceilings and glittering chandeliers.

All rooms are individually furnished, vary in size and are decorated with unique colours and designs.

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Queen Suite

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We offer 24 exlusive Queen Suites for extra luxury and comfort.

Queen Suites

Our Queen Suites are all decorated in the classic Gustavian style of the 1700s. The Suites are of varying size and are individually appointed. They are richly decorated with unique details and either have balconies or fireplaces (the latter cannot be lit).

The 35-40m² Queen Suites are furnished with 180cm wide king-size beds and feature comfortable lounge areas. The Suites offer views of either Birger Jarlsgatan or the courtyard.

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First Lady

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Enjoy the luxury of an exclusive bathrobe, an exclusive day creme from Vendela Kirsebom and your personal copy of the Elle fashion magazine, which will be available in the room upon arrival. NB: The price is added to the room as part of the room rate and will not appear on the receipt.

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