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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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We have partnered with Drivkraft in Solna.

The Drivkraft fitness centre is located 50 meters from the hotel. Our overnight guests enjoy complimentary access.

Fetch an access voucher for the fitness centre from the reception when staffed.

Drivkraft Fitness Center

Drivkraft Fitness Center

The Drivkraft Solna fitness centre is located 50 meters from the hotel and offers an inspiring setting for fitness and workout.

Opening hours:

  • 05:00 - 24:00 every day

Workout for free

Workout for free

As staying guest at First Hotel Solna you get complimentary access to the Drivkraft Fitness Center.